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When I was in a early stage of creating Curated Couches, one thing was crystal clear in my mind that I want every single piece of upholstery on the floor be customizable at some level. And after attending multiple Markets, walking millions of steps and visiting massive showrooms from different manufacturers, I came to a conclusion that manufacturer who build there upholstery in America can provide much more versatility from their thoughtfully curated collections. Shortly, if I invest in flooring a sofa from the collection “Envision” made by Vanguard Furniture, I can sell 3 different sizes of that sofa, multiple sectional configurations, all type of chairs (stationary, swivel, swivel glider). And this is true to all American Made manufacturers who I choose to invest in so that I can get 10 times the return on my investment plus customers can get any size or shape out of that upholstery according to their need.


Upholstery making requires unique skills and years of experience to master it. American workers are making your next couch at the same manufacturer for as long as they can remember. They are not just doing this job for money, but rather for passion. So when a skilled worker put together a piece of upholstery, it will last you for a long time. No wonder why all of American Made Manufacturer gives you lifetime warranty on their products!

Lead time 

When you consider creating that personalized statement piece, first thing comes in mind is that how long do I have to wait for it? Well, I would be first to say that when Covid hit this country back in 2020 it scared the shit out of me. Lead time back in those days went from 2 weeks to 4 to 8 to 20 but now everyone is back on track with 2 to 4 weeks in general. It will take 2 to 4 weeks on a ready to ship couch from a manufacturer who mass produce it in thousands somewhere overseas so there is no competition when it comes to personalize your own couch Made in America.


Price is by the biggest reason why you are not buying a custom upholstery, am I right? So if I tell you that American made custom upholstery will cost you less than those big box stores, would that be the reason why you should at least consider comparing? For example, our Urban Collection couch from Braxton Culler will starts at $1199 and you will be able to choose from multiple seat configuration, multiple arm styles, Multiple back cushions, multiple leg finishes and shapes at no extra charge! Imagine a possibilities of creating your own statement piece right from our showroom.

Final thought before placing my showroom orders

I realize that by just ordering American-made upholstery, I am not only offering customers greater versatility, craftsmanship, shorter lead times, and competitive pricing, but also supporting local industries and promoting sustainability by reducing carbon footprint associated with overseas manufacturing and shipping.